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1 week ago

Meet us and buy some pure honey from Bushwood Bees on Sunday at the Leytonstone farmers market. Look forward to seeing you there...

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3 weeks ago

So looking forward to showing how we get fresh, pure, unadulterated honey from the hive to your jar at @stoneminimarket on Saturday 4th September at 2pm. Join us there for this workshop. Booking on ... See more

1 month ago

Update - now taking place on Sat 4th September. Find out how we get honey from the hive to the jar at @stoneminimarket this. Booking are via eventbrite (search for Stone Mini Market) Tickets ... See more

1 month ago

Our bees cleaning up their honey after some honey comb had broken off in their hive.. Such industrious creatures. The honey wil be fed back to this hive so they have enough for winter.

Even though ... See more

1 month ago

Lovely evening beekeeping on our rooftop hives. The London skyline was looking magnificent as well. Now to start harvesting the last of the years honey crop from these hives.

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1 month ago

Last day of our beekeeping course and last course for this year. It's been an absolute pleasure teaching and great to see the progress made by all. Our students received their certificates, went ... See more

1 month ago

Beekeeping course day 3 about to start. Today is mainly about healthy brood, disease identification and performing hive checks.

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1 month ago

Day 1 of our last beekeeping course of the year has started, thankfully the rain has easier and allowed us to open hives.

#beekeeping #urbanbeekeeping #beekeepingexperience #honeybee #londonhoney

1 month ago

Honey bee air conditioning at its finest. We have so much to learn from nature.

#walthamforest #redbridge #newham #london #heatwave2021 #bee #bbka

2 months ago

This is what I was doing at the start of the England match on Sunday. Needs must but thankfully another honey bee colony rescued. Now to build them up to get them through winter.

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