Local Ivy honey 4oz – very rare and limited


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Here we have for the first time some extremely rare and very limited quantity local Ivy honey.  This is the first time in around 10 years we have managed to remove some excess Ivy honey.  Ivy is one of the last plants to produce nectar and is usually produced in autumn and is used by the bees over winter.  Due to the late warm weather and the strength of the hives we have a small amount available.

It tastes unlike any other honey being not very sweet and having a medicinal taste.  In fact the Ivy plant has been used for generations for its medicinal properties so its no wonder the honey matches. Its also very high in natural glucose and sets hard within a week or so of extraction. It’s starts a dark brown colour and becomes pure white and quite hard when set.  We have not heated the honey, mixed it with other honey or soft setting it so its going to be exactly as it should be.

Be quick though, once its gone its gone and who known when we will have it back in stock.



Weight 200 g


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