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Third day of our beekeeping course. We went into detail around the various diseases that can affect our honey bees and how we can manage these ailments. Our student got plenty of hands on experience and can now identify a healthy colony and know how to spot signs of disease,


Day 2 of our beekeeping course, today the students managed to light a smoker, do an inspection on their own and went over swarming in detail. So proud of our students who are making great progress.

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First of our beekeeping courses will be starting tomorrow at the beautiful East London Mosque in Whitechapel.
We have just released another Beekeeing course in July if interested.

#beekeeping #urbanbeekeeping #urbanbeekeepers #londonbeekepingcourses

A great way of helping our pollinator friends is by leaving a bit of our gardens to grow wild. This provides an ideal habitat for many insects including bumble bees, honey bees, moths and beetles. It also makes maintaining the garden easier 🙂

#wildflowers #wildweedjunglejune

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