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Buy national nucleus or langstroth honey bee nucleus

UK honey bee nucleus colony for sale –  Local queen or UK mated Buckfast F1

Why buy Bushwood Bees Nucleus Colonies

  • All our Honey bees are adapted to the UK, especially the South East, London, Essex and surrounding areas.
  • The UK honey bee colonies are all reared by us and are gentle, hardworking, thrifty in the use of stores and manage very well in our climate.  
  • All nuc colonies for sale contain local queen bees from our best tested stock and are open mated to provide the genetic diversity required for strong adapted colonies.
  • All UK reared nucleus colonies will have the current years queen,  brood in all stages as well as adequate stores.

How are they supplied

A nucleus colony of honey bees is supplied as a five frame nuc in a sturdy correx travelling box for ease of transportation.

Unlike other nucleus colonies for sale, we ensure the honey bees and brood is the progeny of the mated Queen that will come with your nucleus. We do not mix and match in order to fulfil sales!  


We give the queen bee time to lay at least one whole brood cycle so we can test the temperament of the colony before releasing for sale. Our colonies are very much sought after as they are gentle bees and in with limited stock for sale.


All colonies come as a 5 frame national nucleus of bees including a reusable correx box and are priced at £200

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If you have any questions about our honey bees or are interested in purchasing a nucleus of honey bees please leave your contact details below and we will advise when ready.
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