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Unique London beekeeping experience day

Beekeeping experience day at the East London Mosque

Would you or someone you know, love to know a little more about the wonderful world of honeybees? Perhaps you are looking for an original gift idea, or you’d just like to treat yourself to a beekeeping experience day.  A great day to build some long lasting memories with a friend.

Set on an iconic rooftop in the heart of East London, this is an experience you are likely to remember for a long time to come. You will be able to get up close and personal with our lovely honeybees and see the inner working of a beehive first hand.

This is a great opportunity for those who would like to get a little closer to nature and find out why these little friends are so important to our environment.

What will I do on the day

Your session will be 3 hours and will include:-
– Examining the bees working away in their many roles within their society
– Handling frames of honeybees
– Learn how bees forage for nectar and the importance of pollination.
– Find out why we have different types of honey
– An opportunity to extract honey or to have a tasting session, depending on the time of year.
– Time will be provided to take some amazing photos of the bees and the surrounding London skyline.

DateTimeBooking Link
Sat 7th May 202214:30 – 17:30 Check availability 7th May
Sat 21 May 202214:30 – 17:30 Check availability 21st May
Sun 22nd May 202214:30 – 17:30 Check availability 22nd May

Free refreshments will be provided.


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