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Practical Beekeeping Course in London – 3 Students Per Tutor.

Course times and Dates – £185 per Student

TimeDates for 2021Booking link
09.30 – 12:30June – Sat 5, Sun 6, Sat 12, Sun 13Course 1
14.30 – 17:30June – Sat 5, Sun 6, Sat 12, Sun 13Course 2
09.30 – 12:30July – Sat 24, Sun 25, Sat 31, Aug – Sun 1Course 3
14.30 – 17:30July – Sat 24, Sun 25, Sat 31, Aug – Sun 1Course 4

Why learn beekeeping with Bushwood Bees?

This course is designed to give you the skills and knowledge to take up the craft of beekeeping with confidence. We believe in quality over quantity, so we will only teach 3 students per 1 tutor (max 6 students per session).

We have been teaching beekeeping for a number of years and have trained over 200 students. Beekeeping is a very practical skill to master and we pride ourselves in delivering the best hands-on course you will find. Many people keep bees on roofs, some in gardens, some at allotment sites, this course will give you the knowledge and skill to keep at any of these locations.

As well as teaching we have been heavily involved in the creation of courses for our local beekeeping association, give beekeeping talks and provide guidance to beginners and more experienced beekeepers.

Unlike most other courses we are available for support and advise in your early days as a new beekeeper. Read reviews from some of our past students here –

What will I learn

Some of the Items we will teach include:-
-What to look for during inspections and why
-How to handle a colony of bees
-Swarm management techniques
-How to position your colony safely and site suitability
-Costs and time involved
-Equipment required
-Honey Extraction methods
-Honeybee Health

Course Location

The course will be mostly practical and will be run for the most part on the roof of the East London Mosque in Whitechapel E1. Many people in urban areas keep bees on roofs, gardens, allotments and parks. This course will give you the skills to keep bees in any of these environments.

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