Honey and Beeswax Candle Gift Box


We will have only a limited quantity of these special gifts. 

Raw honey makes a great gift,  coupled with a pure beeswax candle from our beehives makes it really something special.  Treat yourself, a partner, family member or friend with a limited edition gift box from Bushwood Bees.

The gift box contains
1 x Medium (8oz) local liquid honey.
1 x Medium (8oz) local soft set honey.
1 x 4oz Pure Beeswax Tulip Candle made by us using our own beeswax.
1 x William Morris card  – can have a personalised message at your request or left blank.

What makes beeswax candles so sought after
– Contains no additives, colourants or fragrances
– Delicate natural scent of pure beeswax
–  Produced by the bees – is a completely natural product and chemical-free
– We only use cappings wax which is the purest form of wax
– Clean burning – no soot is produced
– Long burning time compared to paraffin or soy.

Note.  Please reuse the packaging if you can. The box is recyclable and the wood wool filler is compostable. The protective foam (delivery orders only) is re-used.

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