Overwintered National Nucleus colony of UK Buckfast honey bees


  • All our Honey bees are adapted to the UK, especially the South East, London, Essex and surrounding areas.
  • The UK honey bee colonies we rear are gentle, hardworking, thrifty in the use of stores and manage very well in our climate.
  • All nuc colonies for sale contain local queen bees from our best tested stock and are open mated to provide the genetic diversity required for strong adapted colonies.
  • All UK reared nucleus colonies have last year tested queen,  brood in all stages as well as adequate stores

For further info about our bees see here

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We will have a very limited number of overwintered national nucleus colony  of UK Buckfast Bees with a last years marked queen raised from our best UK stock. Ready for collection after spring when we have had the opportunity to check the bees for health.

They come as a Five frame nucleus on National frames, this would be provided in a sturdy correx travelling box and is included as part of the package.

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