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What is the Flow Hive

Find out direct from the inventor of the Flow Hive

Stuart Anderson the designer of the Flow hive will answer your questions on his innovative honeybee hive. For almost a decade, father and son Stu and Cedar tinkered away in the shed to find a way to harvest honey that was less stressful on the bees – and the beekeeper. They were chasing the beekeeper’s dream. Stu and Cedar would draw sketches and discuss ideas; then Cedar would use his remarkable lay engineering nous to come up with working prototypes. After trialling many methods over the years, and finding nothing they were really happy with, Cedar developed an idea to split the cells horizontally. While this idea worked, it was soon replaced. It was while working on that invention, that the real “Eureka” moment occurred. “I think Dad had had a few strong coffees that morning,” Cedar recalls. “He held his hands together in a way that resembled a honey cell and then moved them so the two halves were offset.” “I knew straight away exactly what he was talking about,” Cedar says. That was the morning the Flow system was born.

flow hive uk


Flow Hive UK

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